Night time Meditation for Prosperity — 24 Comments

  1. Wow, very impressive!

    This is one of the better videos and subliminal/hypnotic/programming type of a benificent nature that I’ve come across.

    I loved “The Secret” and shared it with everyone I know.

    The best and most complete tool I’ve ever found is “Your Wish Is Your Command” and I now share that with everyone I know.

    I can add this one to my list.

    Thank you!

  2. Great video, but ‘bim freedom club’ (Look it up on Google) allows you to make $4,622 per sale. So making $10,000 per month is very realistic.

  3. If this interests you you should watch my teaching about why I gave away the opportunity to live in a $14 Million ($14,000,000) Mansion. I speak on The Mandala of Life to the tale of one of my more interesting stories about how and why I went from sleeping in the sand in a ghetto in Northern Peru to Jet Setting around South America with my Chilean Actress Girlfriend. Find Empowerment Now. Be Empowered. Be Now. Be Spirit. Be Peace. Know Power Now. Namaste!

  4. The photo of the room of money is blood money seized from one of the many drug cartels of Mexico. Thanks for that jackass

  5. Manifestation is different to realization in that a realization takes continued manifestation for that vibration to hold itself within your reality. We may work hard to manifest a large house to live in so that we may work towards the understanding of abundance… but once we have realized abundance, we are blessed with a completely different outlook to the experience. I have a quite developed science towards manifestation on the path to realization. What type of idea were you looking for?

  6. hmm, relaxation meditation ? Yeah I can’t stop thinking of the picture, as a Mexican im very familiar with it. its profits from synthetic drugs. 390 million dollars to be precise.

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